Fun with Conservatives

04/16/2012 21:32

    An ordinary day with an out of the ordinary conversation. Sometimes, in the deepest depths of my heart, I greatly fear for the human race. No animal so stupid can hope to survive very long. :)

    Anyway, one of the standard conservative rants goes something like this: all of the emissions and fumes humans have produced in their entire modern history since the Industrial Revolution began doesn't equal the amount of crap that's spewed into the atmosphere by your average volcanic eruption. Therefore, global warming is a liberal myth, because humans are only a mite compared to what the own planet is doing to itself.

    Yes, such nonsense was actually spoken to me, trying to convince me of its truth. Well, seeming as I couldn't find any, I had to forgo any attempts at trying to believe it.

    Kids, don't watch Fox News. It's like drugs, only they don't make rehabs for Rush fiends yet.

    When volcanic eruptions start vomiting aerosol into the atmosphere, email me or something. I want to be there with some equipment and a camera.


Trayvon Martin and Other Musings

04/11/2012 21:52

Tired as hell...never a dull moment.

The Trayvon Martin case takes a new twist as it appears that Zimmerman will indeed get charged for the killing. In case you've been living under a rock (or just don't care), this case is grabbing national headlines for a number of reasons, but personally, I find it to be a disgrace. One million injustices go on around us every day, and because this happens to somehow be a "race" thing, the story is pumped it to diva status. If Trayvon would have been white, this story would have been a footnote.

Not that I necessarily believe Zimmerman should just walk away scott free...something was awry about that entire situation, but it had little to do with race. It had  alot to do with a man who probably shouldn't have been a part of the community watch, and who certainly shouldn't have had the right to possess a firearm. You have a lot of trigger-happy nimwits parading around this country, which is one of the reasons why we are looked at as barbaric. We have more shootings and gun-related deaths than a lot of third world countries, where bands of gun-toting marauders drive around in Jeeps mowing down entire villages. Doesn't it swell your heart with pride?

Post already too long. Anticipate the start of my FCOM Survival video tutorial soon. More to come.