Your place for obscure Elder Scrolls guides, Jpop you never heard of, and the Political Circus

Why are you here? You tell me.

This site is intended to be a resource for those of you out there who are tired of "the usual," be it in politics, gaming, art, music, or just about anything. It's had various incarnations over the years, but right now the focus is on Elder Scrolls mods, Vocaloid (and other strange forms of Jpop), and the 2012 election. I encourage you to get involved and send feedback. The site is only as good as all of you allow it to be.

Just a Reminder...

For anyone interested in obtaining any of my art, or are wondering where to find some of the music I mention or include in my videos, make sure you stop by the "Resources" page. There you can find links and guides to just about everything. Soon enough, it may even have an ebook or never know.


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